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American Express is a multinational financial services corporation, widely known for its credit card services. It is one of the oldest, most reliable, and most trusted credit card companies in business today – which is why it is gaining momentum with Australian Dollars in the online gambling industry too. While casinos were initially hesitant to accept this mode of payment, they see a lucrative untapped customer base with Amex. Therefore, several reputable casinos in Australia and around the world are jumping on the bandwagon, welcoming Amex casino players with open arms. In fact, several Amex pokies casinos provide fantastic bonuses and incentives to players who use the card for transactions.

Using Your Credit Card For Pokies

The first thing to do is to make sure the site you are on accepts Amex for pokies. Finding a pokies site that accepts American Express is very easy to do: just look for the Amex logo on the home page, usually at the top or bottom. If you don’t see a logo anywhere, you can simply check the Cashier or Banking page on the casino site. The casino will clearly state whether it accepts Amex or not.

After you have found a pokies site that accepts American Express, click on the Deposit or Cashier tab, and select the Amex button from the list of payment options. Fill in the appropriate fields with your credit card number, the security code, and expiration date. Next, enter the AUD (Australian Dollars) amount you would like to deposit, click on the button marked “deposit,” and the money will be instantly transferred to your account.

Amex pokies players will discover that using this method of payment makes their gaming experience that much more enjoyable, due to the quick and easy, hassle-free transactions. If you’re lucky enough to have one of American Express’ no limit cards, you can fund your account to your heart’s content. Just keep an eye on your spending to ensure that you walk away at the right time.

Step-by-Step Walk-Thru: A Pokies American Express Deposit

Making a deposit or payment with your American Express card at an online casino is as quick and easy as making an online purchase at stores such as Amazon or iTunes. For those of you new to the world of online purchases, take a look at this easy-to-follow guide to making casino deposits with Amex:

  • Create an account on the gaming site
  • Go to the cashier/deposit page
  • Click on “Amex” or “American Express” as your payment method
  • Enter card information
  • Enter deposit amount
  • Click on the button that says “Agree” or “Accept” and the funds will be transferred immediately

It’s that easy! This is why we think making pokies Amex deposits is the way to go for online casino payments. A few clicks and you will be well on your way to placing those bets.

American Express: Making Withdrawals

Making withdrawals from your winnings back to your pokies Amex account is even simpler than making deposits. Just revisit the Cashier tab on the casino site and select the “Withdrawal” option. The funds from your winnings will be transferred back to your card, as easy as one click. Funds are usually available within two to three days. Just make sure you check if the casino allows players to withdraw funds to their Amex card because some casinos only allow deposits through it. Also watch out for any additional transaction fees the casino may charge. We even recommend talking to Amex about any possible charges you may face when withdrawing money to your card via an online casino account. It’s always better to be informed than be surprised.

Advantages Of Using The Card

Aside from the simple fact that using Amex for pokies is quick and easy and gets you into playing the games you love even faster, there are additional serious advantages to using your Amex card over other payment methods.

One of the greatest advantages to using American Express for pokies is the member rewards. Depending on which American Express card you use, you could earn cash back, airline miles, travel rewards, and more on every dollar you spend. Think of all the freebies you could land while gambling online. Whether you win at a casino or not, you’ll still be winning by simply using the card and accumulating points for travel or other goodies. Another advantage to using your card is that American Express will not charge their clients any fees for making purchases online in most cases.


This depends on what casino you’re playing at. Some online casino sites do not currently accept American Express. However, there are many fabulous sites that do accept Amex, and using your card on these sites is a breeze. The company is also known for its customer reward benefits, where you are rewarded for every dollar you spend. So it’s a win-win situation when the card is used at a casino online.

There will be a series of logos on the front page and/or the payments page of the site (Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc.). It’s the same concept as knowing what credit cards a restaurant or a bookstore will accept – there are logos on the front door. Just look for the American Express logo. If you can’t see the logo on the site, visit the Cashier section and check if the casino offers Amex as a form of payment and withdrawal.

One of the biggest hidden benefits of using American Express at online casinos is that when using the credit card, your personal financial information is not shared with the processors of your payment. Amex employs bank-grade security to ensure that consumer data is protected at all times. So you can gamble and play your preferred casino games without the worry of being defrauded.

American Express does not charge customers fees for using their card online. Any fee that the site would charge you (which is doubtful) will be expressed explicitly on the site, before you pay. In all instances, we recommend that you ask the casino about any fees associated with using Amex. Similarly, it doesn’t hurt to contact American Express and see if they have transactional costs attached with online casinos.

While it’s true that there are several sites that don’t accept Amex, there are many quality online casinos that do so with great pleasure. Using your Amex card on these sites brings peace of mind, as American Express not only offers expedient deposit and withdrawal turnarounds, it is also one of the most trusted methods of payments accepted worldwide.

E-wallets are definitely easy to use. The biggest advantage of choosing your Amex card over an e-wallet is the incredible cash back, travel, and other reward programs that come with American Express cards. Both methods have their pros and cons, so it depends on what your preferences are when playing pokies online.

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