iPhone Pokies Were Once Hard to Find

iPhone pokies sites are ubiquitous, but that was not always the case. iPhone users, as well as Mac owners, used to feel pretty short-changed when it came to online gambling. Why? Blame the late, great Steve Jobs and his dislike of third party software on the iPhone. Jobs' vision was of a self-contained operating system untainted by anything outside the Apple ecosystem. Job’s also disliked the idea of the iPhone being a platform for online gambling because he knew that it was illegal in some countries of the world where the phone was commercially available. That meant that Apple would not sanction the use of its tech by online gambling companies. The upshot? No iPhone pokies sites in the App Store!

Apple Changes Policy

At least Mac users, who had largely been ignored by the online gambling industry for most of the noughties, could now gamble for real money via their browsers in Flash pop-up versions oof online pokies. iPhone users were still out in the cold, though, as Jobs steadfastly refused to allow Flash to be incorporated within the iPhone.

However, in 2011, Apple changed its policy, realizing, perhaps, that the technological future was multi-platform, be it social media, internet shopping or online gaming. It lifted the restrictions on third party tools on its operating system and thus opened the floodgates. While Apple still doesn’t sanction or make iPhone casino pokies itself, it has essentially opened the doors to software developers to build apps that are iPhone compatible which they can then offer in the App Store.

Top Casinos for iPhone Pokies

Thus, a device that lends itself so well to games and gaming now has a choice of hundreds and hundreds online pokies apps. There are almost too many to choose from, in fact, which is why we’ve got together and combined our industry knowledge in order to bring you some of the very best sites for iPhone pokies, .au and beyond!

What is it about the iPhone that makes it such a great games platform? Well, when it came along it blew everything else out of the market, in terms of its graphics and performance and it has become better and better with each incarnation. It was also the first phone to use a multi-touch interface, and the ability to swipe the screen when playing is a function that really lends itself to the online pokies experience: just sit back, touch the screen and watch those reels spin!

New Gambling Technology

As technology progresses, which it is doing at an unprecedented rate, so does the playing experience. And so, indeed, does the convenience. Smartphone internet reception is reaching further across the planet than ever before, while speeds are getting faster and faster, meaning that you can now play whenever you want, wherever you want. The introduction of 4G means that online casino games, including Aussie pokies, are faster, smoother and more reliable. Today, as 4G is rolled out across Australia, 4G-enabled phones can pick up broadband-level mobile network coverage in most cities, while you play those iPhone pokies to your heart’s content. It really never has been a better time to be an online pokies fan wielding an iPhone.

Video gaming has long been one of the iPhone’s core functions, with statistics showing that games are by far the most frequently used app, comprising, in fact, around 48 per cent of all apps downloaded in Australia. Today you have a huge range of iPhone pokies at your fingertips, just a couple of taps away.


Yes, iPhones are a really great up and coming platform in the online casino world. Back in the day when casinos first started going online, Windows was the number one player in the game and all online pokies sites catered to Windows users. That has changed, though with Mac becoming a top competitor and more people around the world using Apple computers for their online browsing and gambling activities. The iPhone was the first smart phone that allowed you to play games using apps, so online casino companies quickly started catering to that market and offering their most popular games in iPhone app form. Today you can find thousands of pokies apps that are ready to download and start playing. Best of all, casinos usually choose only their top pokies to turn into apps, which narrows down your choices significantly.

Luckily for iPhone users, all of their models are ready out of the box to play casino games. Whether you want to play flash games or download apps, your iPhone is ready to go. If you want to download a pokie app, just go to the app store and search for the pokie you want to play. If it has an app you can immediately download it and start playing for real cash. Or, you can download it on your computer and transfer it to the phone. You can also use your mobile browser to search for new pokies or try them out for free. If you do not want to download apps, you can play for real money using your mobile browser as well.

If a casino caters specifically to iPhone users, they will have a lot of apps to choose from. The things you look for in an online casino really depend on your individual tastes and preferences. If you like to have a wide variety of games from a trusted source, look for a well known and long standing casino that has a lot of game selection. If you like up and coming games, look for a casino that regularly releases new pokies. Or if you prefer the classics, look for a casino that focuses on fruit style and Vegas style pokies just like old time pokies machines. There are iPhone compatible casinos and pokies sites out there to suit just about any tastes.

The question of app vs site also depends on your particular situation and what you are looking for, as each has its own benefits and negative qualities that go along with it. Apps are very convenient after you download them because they are easy to access right from your home screen. Some people think sites are more convenient though because you do not have to download anything to access them. Apps tend to load faster because they are optimized for mobile phones while sites are usually just smaller versions of web pages that were designed to be viewed on a normal sized computer. If you do not play pokies often it might not be worth it for you to download an app, and the speed is not a huge difference so you may not even notice it, especially if you choose 2D games and simple graphics over video and 3D pokies.

The best games for iPhone are usually the same ones that have apps developed specially for the iPhone. Since the iPhone user base is the largest market for online casino mobile players, pokies sites usually cater to iPhone apps over every other type of smart phone. This means that the best pokies are going to have iPhone apps before they will have apps for any other device, most likely. Look out for new releases as these indicate a game that is quickly rising in popularity. Also, new releases tend to have the most advanced technology and code built in to them so they are a great option to choose.

If you choose the right apps or games, you can pretty much guarantee that they are never going to be rigged. Of course, some people come across scams once in a while but they are easy to avoid. You just have to know what to look out for. When you are choosing an online casino or pokie site, they should be verified by a third party certification. This means that an independent company or a governmental agency has checked all of the games and their code to make sure that there is no rigging, and that the spins are 100% random. This prevents casinos from skimming off the top and making unreasonable advantages for the house. If you look at a casino home page you will usually see these certifications front and center or at least very easy to find. Most casinos have a whole page detailing their security measures to assure customers that their information is safe and they are not taking a risk in playing at their site.

Absolutely! You can always find pokies to play for free online. Most pokies manufacturers know that players want to try a game out before they play for real money. A lot of people have a misconception about pokies being unfair so playing for free ad unlocking bonus features, cash prizes and jackpots can give you more confidence when it comes time to start making bets. Trying pokies out for free also lets you decide what you are looking for in a game. Do you want fast speeds, tons of bonus features, huge jackpots, awesome graphics or video intros? Try out as many pokies as you can to find out what is important to you when you start playing!

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