Multi-platform iPad Pokies

That means that the online gaming industry can no longer afford to ignore Apple devices as it has in the past; for many years it was tough for Apple Mac users, for example, to find online casinos with compatible software. Today, with so many people using iPads and other mobile technology, the industry has been forced to adapt and create multi-platform software. That means almost all modern online casinos will offer a great range of iPad pokies.

The fact is that the iPad really lends itself to game-playing, and online pokies are no exception to this. In fact, recent figures from the Apple App store have shown that games are by far the most downloaded type of app, comprising 48 per cent of all apps used.

iPads, of course, have a bigger screen than the average mobile phone, which is naturally a more enjoyable way to play games. Furthermore, new games features such as touch-screen online pokies are creating a richer, more realistic, more immersive environment, specifically for users of tablets and iPads.

Apple iPad Social Gaming

Mobile gaming has also developed hand in hand with social networking, and play-for-fun social gaming casinos are now hugely popular. These are a great way for iPad pokies newbies to learn the dynamics of casino gaming before jumping into the real thing. Instead of real money, these games will offer rewards to collect and the ability to level up, and share your progress with friends. Online casinos, impressed by the popularity of these games, are even beginning include to some of these fun “social” aspects in their own games.

Apps are offered by most sites with iPad pokies, Australian sites included, but many will also allow you to play casino games in-browser on your Apple tablet. While the iPad is ultimately built to run apps, and therefore may operate more smoothly when running an app version of a casino than the in-browser variety, Apple itself does not sanction gambling apps. That means that, while there are hundreds and hundreds of online pokie apps available to download from the App Store, there’s a chance you may not be able to find your online casino of choice. For example, Apple recently pulled the PokerStars app from the App Store for its Australian customers, which, of course, meant that Aussie poker players were up in arms.

HTML 5 Casino Gaming

But don’t worry, most casinos are still available, and, if you can’t find your favourite games in the app store, you can try playing the in-browser iPad pokies sites version instead. It’s important to remember, however, that Apple is not always compatible with Flash, which is the software that has often been used to design casino games in the past. However, in 2011 the company lifted the restriction on the use of third party tools, giving software designers greater flexibility when creating apps for the App store. Furthermore, a new breed of games are being created in HTML5, which has iPad pokies compatibility, so look out for games in that format.

These small issues aside, the iPad tablet remains one of the best and most convenient ways to enjoy playing online pokies. iPad users are now spoilt for choice. Since the iPad came on the scene just four ago, its rise has been unstoppable, and it has shaped the development of online casino gaming and helped to take it in a new direction. And with technology developing at such a rapid rate, iPad casino pokies are just going to get better and better.


Is the iPad good for pokies games? The iPad is a great way to play pokies online. With your iPad you can access all of the same sites as you would look for on your computer. You can also download all of the same apps as you can get on your iPhone. In this way, iPads are the best of both world when it comes to playing pokies. You have the advantage of having a larger screen than mobile phones, so graphics are going to look much nicer. You can take your iPad with you anywhere, as long as you have a wifi connection you can play pokies on the go. If you choose to download pokies iPad apps or other online casino software, things will load even faster than if you were playing on the web. For all of these reasons, iPads are great for playing pokies in Australia.

All available models of iPads and any other type of tablet is going to be casino ready. Casino ready basically means that you do not have to do any extra set up or download anything in order to start playing. All online casinos these days have flash based versions of their games available direct on their home page. You can access the casino website and start playing flash games as soon as you take your iPad out of the box. All you need to do is connect to wifi, search for your favourite casino and pokie and you are ready to go!

If you want to play pokies on an iPad compatible casino, there are a few factors that you will want to look out for. First of all, you should always be able to play a pokie for free before committing to a real cash game. This way, you can guarantee that the pokie you choose has great features and is your style of game play. Special features are also important to look out for. You want to choose pokies that have plenty of ways to win, not just straight up slots. Bonus features include big jackpots and progressive jackpots, wilds and stacked wilds, multipliers and multiplying wilds, and a whole variety of bonus games where you can select your own prize. Often these prizes are either real cash or free spins. Most likely, you are not going to find a single pokie that has every single one of these features, but you can decide by playing free games which ones you like best and pick pokies that have your favourites.

If you are playing pokies on an iPad, you have the choice of either downloading an app or using your mobile browser to play pokies. There are positive and negative aspects to both. What you choose depends on your personal tastes and preferences. Ask yourself the following questions. Do you care more about speed or variety when it comes to playing pokies? Do you have a lot of apps on your iPad already? Do you have a really good wifi connection or is your connection spotty or unreliable? Web based pokies tend to be slower to load because they have to run the entire website and they are not optimized for mobile devices. Apps are specially designed to work on a phone or iPad, so they tend to run faster. Some people just don't like to download apps, though, especially if you are going to be trying out a bunch of new pokies. In this case, mobile browsing is a better choice.

We have gathered a list of the very best pokies in Australia to play on an iPad. The best games include those that have awesome features and those that are easily recognizable such as movie or TV show themes such as Iron man or Simpsons. The reason that you want to look for very popular games is that these are the ones that are going to be the most up to date and have the most man power put into maintaining them and keeping them fast and beautiful. Think about it this way, an online casino wants to make the most profit possible from each of their pokies games. If they have one pokie that is only attracting a few customers, and another one that is attracting thousands of customers, which one are they going to spend the most time and money updating and keeping up to date with the latest software, code, etc.? Most likely, it is going to be the one that attracts more customers. This is also true for bonus features. Everyone loves bonus features such as progressive jackpots, stacked wilds, multipliers and more, so the pokies that have a good combination of bonus features are going to be the most popular games by far. These are the best apps and games because you get many more chances to win than in traditional slots games, and the prizes are more original and fun.

No, pokies are absolutely not rigged. Online gambling is one of the most highly regulated industries in Australia. This is so that customers like you and I will always be safe, no matter where we want to play pokies. There are so many pokies sites out there, though, that it is impossible to say that every single site is not a scam or may be rigged. It is so easy to tell the legitimate sites from the scams, here is how. Just go to the casino's home page and look for certification icons. This might be a third party certification like eCOGRA or it might be a specific governmental agency. Either way, those icons mean that this site was checked and double checked by a third party to make sure that they play by the rules. This means truly random spins, no extremely skewed odds in the house's favor, and no rigged pokies.

Yes! It is so easy to play pokies for free in Australia. Sometimes it is a lot of fun to go explore and try out new pokies, and sometimes you want to get the hang of a game before you start betting real cash. Either way, you can almost always try out a pokie for free without having to make an account on the casino web site or make any commitments or real money bets. All you need to do is access the online casino's flash based site and click on the pokie you want to try out. If you do not have an account with that particular casino yet, you will be automatically taken to a free version of the game. After you try it out, you can sign up and start betting cash. Keep in mind that you will not be able to see the amount of winnings in a progressive jackpot and you will not win any real cash prizes when you are playing in the free mode.

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