What are Internet Pokies?

What are Internet Pokies

Pokies are a bit like the old-school fruit machines you get in land-based casinos. The only difference is that playing online pokies for free or spinning the pokies games download reels is even more fun.

Fruit machines and one-arm bandit games might be enough to keep the old ladies with cups of coins happy all day at the casino, but online in 2024 there’s so much more to explore and enjoy.

For those who aren’t in the know already, here are the basics of how online pokies games for fun and real money work:

There are reels with symbols on that spin and stop randomly. If you get enough symbols in the right order on the reels, you’ll win a cash prize. If you’re playing for free or for fun, you’ll win points.

Types of Pokies Games Online

There are almost as many types of pokies games on the Internet as there are poisonous animals in Australia. Yeah, that means there’s a lot. Winning prizes playing pokies for iPad, for iPhone or just on your desktop is a whole heap better than a sting in the foot though.

Games that have more than one payline where you can match symbols to win are called multiline pokies and they’re easily the most popular type of pokies games. That’s because with more lines going across the reels, there are more chances to win cash.

There are other kinds of pokies games free downloads available too, like single line pokies, cascading wins pokies and bonus pokies. Plus, there’s what’s called ‘Video Pokies’ too. That’s essentially just a fancy way of saying the game has heaps of amazing graphics and visuals.

All About that Bonus, ‘Bout that Bonus…


When it comes to pokies on the web for Android, for iPhone, for iPad and other tablets, the casino bonuses are the real headline act. There are two kinds of bonuses that every self-respecting Aussie games-fan should know about:

  • A deposit bonus
  • Bonus games and features
Deposit Bonus

This is a nice wodge of extra cash you can claim when you make a real money deposit at an Internet casino. Usually the bonus will be a cash match one. That’s when the casino will match any money you deposit. So say you deposit $50, the casino will give you another $50 and you’ll have a total of $100 to play with. Great deal, huh?!

Bonus Pokies Features

The best pokies games for free or for real money are stuffed full of bonus games and features that can help you win even more cold, hard dosh. What you’ll win in these bonus rounds might change each time but the excitement and drama is guaranteed.

Most pokies are all a little bit different from each other but they operate with the same basic mechanics, so it’s easy to look at some of the most popular bonus features and games you might come across on your travels around the web. There are two main types of pokies bonuses; bonus games and bonus features.

The most popular bonus feature is probably the ‘Scatter Bonus’, which works by awarding you cash prizes based on how many scatter symbols appear on the reels.

The most popular type of bonus game is the ‘Pick and Win’ game. The aim of the game is to click on items or objects in the bonus game to reveal winnings. Usually a player makes it into the bonus game by landing three or more bonus symbols on the main reels.

Saving the Best till Last

Now you’ve got your bearings, if you’re anything like us you’re probably gagging to get out there clicking and winning on pokies games online. Just before you do though, quickly head over to our most recommended casinos page. You’ll find a rundown of the best sites to play pokies at and you’ll discover where the best pokies games download bonuses are.

There are options for every kind of player too, from pokies games for Android, for iPhone and for iPad to top quality pokies games for free, it’s all in our best 2024 casinos list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do online pokies work?

Online pokies work just like any other slot machine games that you see in online or in person casinos. You can access online pokies from anywhere, whether you are on your computer at home, or our and about using a mobile device or tablet with wifi connection. Some casinos use apps while others just have you access the pokies via your mobile browser. You'll notice that most pokies have 5 reels, anywhere between 5-50 paylines and a number of bonus features, including bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers, wilds, stacked symbols, progressive jackpots and more. You can find a huge variety of online pokies with the features you want, at all of the online casinos you can access in Australia. The best part is that you can usually try out pokies for free before you start betting real cash, or just for fun!

What types of games are there?

Pokies are kind of like ice cream, they come in all different flavors! You can find pokies to match any style, theme or hobby. Some pokies have generic themes like pirates, sea creatures, cowboys or the beach. Some are holiday themed, like Christmas, Easter, or Hanukkah. Some of the most popular pokies are based off of movie franchises or popular comic books or games, like Superman, The Dark Knight, Fantastic Four or Batman. All of these pokies have different bonus features to choose from, so try out a few different flavors before you make your selection.

Which ones are popular?

The most popular pokies are the ones with multiple bonus features. These have a great reputation and word gets around quick in the online gambling community on which pokies offer the best prizes and payouts. You can find lists of the best pokies online and see the features listed out for convenience, which makes it easy to choose one you want to play. Another extremely popular type of pokies are the ones that are based off of movies. These video pokies usually have really spectacular graphics and are a lot of fun to play because you get to watch clips from your favourite movies. Pokies with huge jackpots or progressive jackpots are also really popular because you have the chance to win huge prizes with just a single spin.

Should I play for the biggest jackpots?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to play high variance or low variance pokies, and your choice may depend on a lot of factors. High variance are the ones that have the biggest jackpots. You can go a long time without winning in these pokies, but when you win, you win big! If you like the thrill of betting high and the possibility of winning a lot of cash in just one spin of the reels, then the pokies with the biggest jackpots are going to be your best bet.

How often do online pokies payout?

This depends on whether you are playing a high variance or a low variance pokie. High variance pokies pay out less often, but the prizes are usually larger in value. You could play for a while without spinning any big wins, but when you do win it will be a huge value amount. Low variance pokies usually have lower betting ranges and are made to be played for long periods of time, even if you aren't a high roller. You can expect more frequent payouts and more bonus features on these games, although the prizes will be smaller. They do add up though, so you can still end up winning a lot of money in low variance pokies.

Which ones payout more often?

Low variance pokies with lots of bonus features pay out the most often. These pokies will usually have a large number of paylines, often 20 or more. This means that you have more chances to win with each spin. They also will most likely have a lot of bonus features. These may include stacked wilds, multipliers which increase your wins by 2x, 3x, 4x or more, multiple jackpots at smaller amounts, and bonus games in which you get to pick your prize. These low variance pokies are not super high risk, and you can bet small amounts of just a few cents per spin. This way, you will win a consistent number of spins over the time you are playing and you will slowly build up your bankroll with small ticket wins, instead of counting on a huge payout from a jackpot or other large prize.

Are the games safe or rigged?

If you are playing at one of our recommended sites, you can be 100% certain that the pokies you are playing are safe and never rigged. Legitimate online pokies are regulated by government and third party agencies that test all of the games to make sure that they are totally fair and safe for the players. You can rest assured that the best online pokies are always completely random and that the casinos are not allowed to alter them in the house's favor at any point.

How can I increase my winning chances?

You can increase your chances of winning by betting strategically and making sure that you always play the maximum paylines allowed. In traditional mechanical slot machines, you would only be allowed to win if you line up symbols going in a straight line from left to right across the window. In today's online pokies, you will notice that there are multiple paylines available. This means that you can line up symbols on any of these paylines and win cash prizes, it does not have to be in a straight line. Most pokies give you the chance of selecting how many paylines you want to play. You can maximize your chances of winning by always selecting the maximum paylines, even if it means decreasing your coin value to make the bet affordable.

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