Visa is a global payment company that focuses on offering effective solutions to banks and businesses around the world. The business focuses on making payments faster and more efficient, and is relied upon by millions of people around the world. Visa is available in more than 200 different countries and territories around the world, and is one of the most widely accepted and useful digital payment solutions available today.

How To Use VISA Cards

How To Use VISA Cards

You should be looking for a VISA site accepting Australia pokies players as it's a sign that it offers a good range of secure ways of making deposits. Using your card is easy: head to the Cashier/Deposit tab and choose the VISA option from the drop-down list.

You'll need to enter your long number and CVV2 security number from the back of the card. Enter the amount, click “Deposit”, and hey presto, the cash will appear in your account.

Not only is using your card simple to do, but it’s a fast and effective way to both deposit and withdraw money from your account. Money can be deposited in a few hours or less in many instances with a Visa card. Withdrawals will usually take between two and three days when you rely on a credit card to complete them.That means you can get started gambling faster, and receive your payout in less time when you do finally get lucky and win big. There’s a lot to like about that.

A Simple Guide to Completing a Visa Deposit

If you’ve ever completed an online purchase using your Visa credit or debit card, you already know how to complete a casino deposit as well. That’s because Visa cards are extremely simple to make use of. The bullet points below explain the steps involved with completing a deposit, they’re probably simpler than you expect.

  • Enter into your newly created account
  • Visit the deposit section of your account
  • Select Visa as your deposit method
  • Enter in your card number and CC number on the back
  • Enter in the amount that you want to deposit
  • Accept the amount and your account will be funded right away

That’s how easy it is to complete a deposit for pokie with Visa credit or debit cards. It’s simple to do and something that you can literally complete in just minutes.

Using VISA For Withdrawals

Using VISA For Withdrawals

Yep, in Australia, VISA pokies sites allow for real-cash withdrawals. Cashing out is easy; just head for the Cashier tab again and click on the Withdrawal option.

Most withdrawals are processed within 24 hours and you could see your winnings in three working days.

Beware of ID Verification

Remember, if you're making a deposit or withdrawal using a VISA card, you may have to supply verification documents in order to process the transaction.

This can include scans of a recent utility bill proving your address, photo ID like a passport or driver's license, and proof of the card used to make the deposit.


There are so many plus points in using a VISA pokies site that accepts Australia players, we'd probably need a book to go through them. But here are just a few of the big pluses:

It's widely accepted at gambling sites: why hunt around for a VISA site accepting Australia pokies players? With this banking method you won't be looking for long.

Minimum deposits using VISA can be small: at around $10 or so, using a card can be cheaper than bank transfers, which normally require you to load up a minimum of $30.

No fees: a lot of the time, withdrawals from a site using VISA incur no fees. However, always check with your provider first. Low fees make VISA such a great option for Aussies.

It's safe to use: VISA uses the world's top security in order to keep your personal data safe. The SSL security in place on each transaction is as good as at any Aussie bank when you make a deposit.

Find a Top VISA Site Accepting Australia Pokies Players

If you're in Australia, VISA pokies sites are great for no-hassle, real-cash gambling. With our expert reviews you can find yourself a top casino with the best range of pokies around.

From the biggest progressive jackpots to the latest 3D superhero tie-ins, you can find a great VISA pokies site that accepts Australia players.

When our team hunts out the best VISA site accepting Australia pokies players we not only look at games but cashout times, customer support and security. There's no point using a VISA card if you're left waiting for your winnings and the safety measures don't hold up.

Sign up today and you can even earn an amazing 100 percent welcome bonus with your first pokies VISA deposit. You can then use the cash to play your favourite pokies and win even more.

The verification documents that are required to confirm a client’s identity is needed when a deposit via a credit card is made, a withdrawal is made or anytime the customer service team request. Verification documents only need to be submitted once unless a new deposit method is used and these documents should be sent to the customer service team.


Yes! Visa is the top credit card company in the world. They allow payments for just about everything under the sun, and online gambling is no exception. In Australia, you will have no trouble using your Visa credit or debit card at any online casino. This includes pokies and sports betting sites that are owned and operated in Australia, as well as online casinos that are owned and operated in foreign countries. When you go to the home page of the online casino or pokie you want to play at, it is easy to tell if they accept Visa because the logo will be right there on the homepage amongst the pokies. Visa is the most convenient way to pay when you play pokies online.

Visa is accepted at almost every single online casino in the world. In Australia, you will find online sites for playing pokies as well as making bets on sporting events. Visa is definitely accepted at these sites. You can also access internationally owned casinos online, which cannot be operated in Australia but are completely legal to play at. Visa is also accepted at all of these online casinos. This is because Visa is such a huge company, and online casinos know that any site that does not accept it would be missing out on some serious customer numbers.

Absolutely, Visa is incredibly safe to use whether you are making a purchase or using your Visa card to gamble online. Online gamblers are often worried about scammers, and with good reason. Gambling is regulated by multiple agencies in the Australia government as well as county and regional authorities, but with so many sites popping up every day all around the world it is possible that you may run across a non legitimate gambling site that is trying to steal your account numbers or your money. Visa takes this very seriously and has security measures in place to prevent fraud. You may have to contact your bank before making a payment because if they see you are trying to make an international payment, your account might be frozen. This is because it looks unusual on their end and they want to be sure before allowing the charge. You may also have to go through a longer than average security process when cashing out. Visa and your bank want to make sure that you are who you say you are and that the casino is legitimate before allowing the transaction to complete. This process can take a few days or a few weeks, but most people would agree it is worth it to keep your account and your money safe.

There are no extra fees involved when sing your Visa card to gamble online. Many online gamblers are used to paying fees at e-commerce sites like Paypal and Skrill. This is not always necessary though, and if you are willing to wait a little while longer for your money, you might want to consider not using an e-commerce site. After all, you earned your pokies winnings fair and square and you definitely deserve every penny of that money. If you have the patience to wait through the security procedures, it is worth it to use your Visa card and save that extra money you would be paying in fees elsewhere.

There are other credit card companies and banks out there that are accepted at online casinos and pokies sites, but Visa is the top player in the game. Visa is accepted at more places and more websites than any other card, making it the number one choice for online gamblers. This way, you only have to use one card for all of your online gambling needs. Visa is also very competitive with their security measures, because they know this is the way to keep people coming back. If you are secure in knowing your money is safe, why would you ever need to change cards? Visa has an advantage over other payment methods as well because you never have to pay an extra fee to use your card, and you do not have to sign up for a new account in order to make and accept payments.

E-wallets and Visa cards are both safe in their own ways, one is not safer than the other. It all depends on your perspective and your priorities, and it is up to you to make that choice. Visa has a lot of security measures in place that e-wallet companies simply cannot afford because Visa is one of the largest financial companies in the world. They can afford to hire more high tech solutions and bigger customer service departments to handle any fraudulent activity on your account. E-wallets are secure because they do not share your bank account or credit card numbers. It is easy to make sure that your Visa number will not get stolen, however. All you need to do is play at only reputable sites, and you have nothing to worry about. Check out our list of the best pokies in Australia for some legitimate and safe pokies that you can play today using your Visa credit card or debit card.

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