Always Bet Max!

Something to bear in mind when playing progressive pokies: progressive jackpots usually trigger only when casino players wagering the maximum number of credits, so if you’re going for the big, big money you need to bet max. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the jackpot level, which will be displayed on a “jackpot meter” in money value, as it climbs higher and higher. The higher it is, the more you should be to be betting max, as there’s more to be won and the jackpot itself is more likely to topple.

Of course, once the pokies’ progressive jackpot is hit, the jackpot meter will return to its base level before it starts climbing again as players continue to play. The base level is the amount the online casino adds to the prize pool itself, something it doesn’t mind doing too much as progressives are good publicity and bring more players to the casino.

Pokies Jackpots that Grow as you Play!

Of course, you can play progressive pokies as you would any other pokie; they have a regular payout scale for regular hitting combos like any other pokie, but it’s usually only when you hit the top combo available that the progressive jackpot is triggered.

Because a progressive jackpot is triggered at random, and also because the amount contributed by the players is different depending on the progressive itself, the amount you win differs wildly, although it’s always a life-changing amount. One fantastic progressive jackpot, for example, is Microgaming’s the Dark Knight, a super-cool Batman movie pokie with cutaway scenes from the film. It broke records for the biggest online pokie win in history when the progressive jackpot was hit at a whopping AUS $10.5 million.

But that record has been broken since, and boy has it been broken! Three times, in fact. Firstly, by the winner of progressive video pokie Arabian Nights, from Net Entertainment who toppled the jackpot at a jaw-dropping AUS $12.2. But, incredibly, the current one and two spots on our list of the biggest progressive jackpots of all time are held by the same machine: the appropriately named Mega Fortune, again from Net Entertainment.

Jaw-dropping Progressive Jackpots

Number two went to a Norwegian student who hit the jackpot for a mind-blowing AUS $16.7, but the biggest ever online progressive jackpot in the history of the world was a head-spinning, eye-watering AUS $25.4 million, a truly unimaginable amount of money, that was won by a 40-year-old man from Helsinki Finland.

If you’re wondering why the Scandinavians are getting all the luck, well don’t worry: there have been plenty of big Aussie jackpots too. And who knows, maybe you could be next. If you fancy playing some progressive jackpot pokies, we suggest you have a look around on the web and compare some jackpot meters. Microgaming’s Megah Moolah is always worth a spin because the base jackpot amount starts at US $1 million. That means the lowest amount you could ever win by hitting the Mega jackpot is US $1 million. That could be your ticket to that vacation home…or perhaps multiple vacation properties.

You should play progressive jackpot games if you don’t mind winning less frequent prizes for a shot at huge one-time payouts.

No, most progressive jackpot pokies games cost about the same as standard pokies games, they just come with potentially massive jackpot payouts as well.

Yes, many lucky players have cashed out pokies jackpots in the millions of dollars in the past, and it’s possible you could do the same. It’s important to realize that it’s highly unlikely to win such a large prize, and very few players do.

Top sites pay out reliably, but some lesser-known or low-rated sites do not. That’s why it’s important to read reviews and to pick out high quality sites to play at.

No, Australian players do not have to pay taxes on a progressive jackpot win.

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